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Welcome to the Amador Water Agency
The Amador Water Agency serves approximately 10,000 customers in Amador County today and is the primary provider of drinking water. In addition to residents and businesses in unincorporated areas, the Agency sells water to the cities of Ione, Jackson, Plymouth, Sutter Creek, Amador City and several special districts.


AWA Office Hours are
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
Monday through Friday


AWA’s Online Bill Pay System offers customers interactive On-Line Billing and Payment services:     

  • Make a one-time payment
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Pay with a credit card
  • Pay directly from a bank account
  • Receive email billing notices
  • Review billing and payment history
  • Review usage history

If you need assistance setting up your account, please call AWA Customer Service desk at 209-223-3018.


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cost of water

This graphic summarizes the costs associated with providing water service to a typical home within the Amador Water Agency’s service area.  These costs include the effects of proposed adjustments to water rates that would be effective in October 2017.  The cost for the Agency to provide clean, safe drinking water to a typical home equates to less than $2 per day. 

Information on the proposed adjustments to the Agency’s water rates and charges, and the financial challenges facing the Agency is available at http://www.amadorwater.org/PDFdocs/Rates/6-23-17%20Final%20Rate%20Report.pdf




In recent years, the Amador Water Agency has successfully completed numerous projects and implemented programs that improve service and save our ratepayers millions of dollars.  Examples of cost saving projects include:

  • The Gravity Supply Pipeline project (pictured) is now saving the Agency about $250,000 annually in energy costs formerly spent on pumping water uphill
  • The Ione Water Treatment Plant Backwash Recycling Facility is reducing wastewater disposal costs by about $100,000 annually
  • Grants totally more than $7.5 million are resulting in water system improvements to save water, improve water system pressure and flow, reduce leakage, improve water quality, and enhance fire-fighting capabilities at no cost to our ratepayers
  • A hydroelectric generator at the Tanner Water Treatment Plant is providing net energy benefits of more than $85,000 annually; a second hydroelectric generation facility is planned for the reservoir serving the Ione Water Treatment Plant and will provide net energy benefits exceeding $110,000 annually when it is complete in a couple of years
  • Outsourcing of billing and collection functions and automating meter reading is reducing administrative costs
  • A new vehicle lease program is saving the Agency costs for maintaining and replacing aging vehicles and equipment.

Water Agency staff work tirelessly every day to help ensure uninterrupted, high-quality water service at affordable rates.


save water

Californians are making water conservation a way of life. In Amador County, AWA customers are using about 16% less water this summer than in 2013. What is good news for the state’s water conservation goals is making it tough for rural water agencies – while water sales and therefore revenues go down significantly, the costs to deliver water to all AWA customers from Camanche to the high country don’t change much.

A recent study by an outside financial expert determined that current AWA water rates and charges are not enough to cover operating, maintenance and replacement costs.  The Amador Water Agency will be considering adjustments to water rates during a public hearing on August 15. The proposal would establish water rates effective from October 2017 through July 2021. For most residential customers, the initial water rate adjustment would increase water bills by $4.31 per month.  Subsequent annual adjustments would be limited to between $2.57 per month and $3.03 per month. 

Under the proposed water rates, the water usage rate for most water service customers will remain unchanged at the current amount of $2.44 per CCF (Unit) from now through at least July 2021.

Additional information on the proposed adjustments to the Agency’s water rates and charges, and the financial challenges facing the Agency is available at http://www.amadorwater.org/PDFdocs/Rates/6-23-17%20Final%20Rate%20Report.pdf


Key Contacts:

Questions or Concerns? Please Contact Us at 209-223-3018 or

Contact our State and County Regulators:

Tahir Mansoor, Division of Drinking Water 209-948-7879

Mike Israel, Amador County Environmental Health 209-223-6439

Dr. Rita Kerr, Public Health Officer 209-223-6407



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Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life in Amador County by providing safe, reliable water, waste-water, conservation and reclamation services. We will accomplish this as a professional team dedicated to public transparency, community partnerships and excellent customer service.

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